Restaurants in Puerto La Cruz – Taste You Cannot Forget

Tell me what you eat, I will tell you who you are.
~Anthelme Brillat-Savarin

A visit to a paradise on earth is every traveler’s idea of a vacation well-spent. All holidaymakers romanticize the idea of a travel destination that gives them memories to last a lifetime. For globetrotters searching for one such country, the hunt narrows down to just one name, Venezuela. Being a breathtaking Caribbean pearl, Venezuela is engulfed in an air of elegance and exudes a charm second to none.

If you think Venezuela is all about cultural heritage and endless beaches dotting the area, you have a big surprise in store for you. While the attractions are enough to magnetize tourists into coming to this awe-inspiring country, it is the food that has served as a major encouragement for tourists over the years. Venezuela’s cuisines are primarily based on seafood enriched with richly flavored sauces that ravishes a foodie’s appetite in its true sense.

Venezuelan cuisine is an eccentric blend of flavors and whether it is some local dish you want or something foreign you desire, food served by eateries in Venezuela is nothing but a delight. Pabellon is a meat-based food item, which is also the most sought-after dish in the country seasoned with black beans and bananas. Every single city in the country has reputable restaurants it can boast but when it comes to Puerto la Cruz, nothing even comes close.

Puerto la Cruz is home to some of the most celebrated restaurants you will come across in the country. With their aesthetically appealing dishes offered here, restaurants in the area ensure that the joy of exploring in the area is heightened exponentially. Some of the restaurants you will love eating at Puerto La Cruz are listed below.

L’ Ancora

Situated in the CC Golf Plaza Dairy, this restaurant definitely serves the best food in town. Those who have eaten here claim that it is the best Italian eatery in entire Venezuela. From pasta to pizza, L’ Ancora is a name you can trust to make them most of your trip. Their desserts have also received raving reviews over the years. For those who want to eat rich, L’ Ancora is a candid recommendation.

Tio Pepe

If you are seeking a restaurant that offers an extensive range of dishes with authentic Venezuelan taste, Tio Pepe is the name. Customer service is excellent and the seafood seasoned with the most unusual spices tempts travelers into coming to it over and over again. Their specialty is grouper fillet that is simply delectable. For beverages, guests can choose from a decent selection of wine.

Tatami Sushi Bar

If good food is a preference for you this holiday, Tatami Sushi Bar is where you need to head to. The sushi served here is one of the best and eating here will excel all your expectations. With a history of frequent visitors, those who have eaten here say that everything worsens with time but it is only the taste at tatami Sushi Bar that keeps getting better.

Delight yourself with the sensuous enjoyment that restaurants in Puerto la Cruz offers and take your vacationing experience to new heights.

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