Hotels in Puerto La Cruz – The Perfect Place to Stay

“There are no foreign lands. It is the traveler only who is foreign.”
~Robert Louis Stevenson

Holidays are the most awaited time of the year and as vacation draws close, everyone starts searching for a travel destination that turns out to be the realization of all those dreams and images one has conjured up in mind. Traveling for the sake of relaxation is a trend these days and everyone seems ready to immerse in a holiday and embark on a journey to a land far away.

As the adage goes, ‘seeing is believing’, they say that the most beautiful things in life cannot be seen, they have to be felt and this holds true for the otherworldly beauty that Venezuela’s Puerto la Cruz has to offer. The joy of vacationing is heightened at Puerto la Cruz with all the convenience the city has established for a travel’s biggest concern, accommodations.

While the bigger portion of a traveler’s time in a foreign country is spent in exploration, the importance of a comfortable room that refreshes you for all the activity that lies ahead cannot be denied. However, a trip to Puerto la Cruz is truly exciting and absolutely rewarding as every traveler can choose from a wide array of options for accommodations. Wondering where should you stay on a trip to Venezuela this holiday? Read on.

Gran Hotel Puerto La Cruz

Gran Hotel Puerto la Cruz is an ideal choice for a traveler who wishes to enjoy first-class amenities at affordable rates. Set against the scenic backdrop of tropical gardens on a sandy beach, this hotel is a short drive from the José Antonio airport. Facilities offered here are air-conditioning, flat screen TV, safety deposit box, attached bathrooms and an outdoor pool. Is there anything else a traveler can ask for?

Eurobuilding Express El Tigre

Featuring 81 spacious rooms, Eurobuilding Express El Tigre is elegance personified. This hotel is a preference for those who wish to experience Venezuelan hospitality at its best. It is strategically located which adds up to its charm. The rooms are the perfectly opulent and the décor inspires nothing but awe. Stay at this hotel is further sweetened with luxuries like tennis courts, laundry service, high speed internet access and a stunning swimming pool.

Hotel Rasil Puerto La Cruz

Built in 1990, this hotel prides itself on its superior services and a proud legacy of a satisfied clientele. The hotel promises guests a stay of a lifetime with all that it has to offer. While the hotel guarantees all the comforts one can only expect at home, additional service like A-V equipment rental, health club, babysitting, currency exchange, gift shop has earned the hotel a reputation others can only dream of. The 346 rooms on 24 floors are not only well-furnished, they have the most classy yet chic furniture deemed imaginable.

In a nut shell, for those who don’t compromise on quality, hotels in Puerto la Cruz are the safest bet.

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