Site Seeing Tours in Venezuela 

Venezuela offers tourists many site seeing tours to enjoy while on vacation where you can see an extensive variety of landscapes that include immense plains, tropical beaches, forests, enormous rivers, waterfalls, jungles and great mountains. Below are some tips for travelers to help get the most out of your site seeing tours in Venezuela. 

Get Your Itinerary Ready and Start Your Trip in Caracas, Venezuela

When you go site seeing in Venezuela, you’ll want to consider starting in the capital city of Caracas, and visit two of their most famous places – the Plaza Bolivar, and La Parque Central:

Plaza Bolivar – This is one the most significant squares in the capital city of Caracas and this can be one of your first site seeing tours in Caracas. Historians believed that it was at this very point where Diego de Losada founded Caracas City in 1567. The main attraction that this plaza showcases is the monument of the El Libertador Simon Bolivar. Tourists really enjoy the magnificent façade, the huge and charming courtyard of Palacio Municipal and the famous Metropolitan Cathedral.

La Parque Central – Another popular location on site seeing tours, this impressive urban complex is located at the end of Avenida Bolivar and has four museums, a hotel, numerous art galleries, a church, conference halls, a concert hall, restaurants, cafes, and a great number of shops, office blocks, residential blocks, innumerable gardens and public spaces.

Site Seeing in Venezuela: National Parks, City Attractions, Historic Sites and Entertainment Spots

You’ll find a number of great site seeing tour options in Venezuela to explore this vast and fascinating country. This nation boasts of the world famous, historic sites and natural attractions and most excursions in Venezuela features these magnificent locations.

Here’s a list of just some of the Venezuela’s popular natural parks and attractions for tourists:

Other Tourist Activities To Enjoy in Venezuela

Caribbean Horseback Riding – Aside from site seeing tours in the various cities of Venezuela, tourists can also experience the fun and excitement of horseback riding on Margarita Island. Tourists can explore the beautiful Venezuelan island while riding on the back of a horse is the most fascinating thing in the world. The mountains and the beaches that the island has to offer are all yours to discover.

Cave Hiking in Cueva Del Guacharo – After you’ve completed your site seeing tours in Caracas, you’ll also want to consider cave hiking in Cueva Del Guacharo. Established in 1949 as the first national monument of Venezuela, there is nothing comparable to taking a hike in Cueva Del Guacharo. The limestone around the park offers beautiful scenery and is one of the main reasons why people from all over the world visit this tourist destination.

Venezuela offers a wide range of site seeing tours for tourists of all ages. For a glimpse of the country’s colorful history, Plaza Bolivar and La Parque Central are ideal destinations. The Canaima National Park, Yacapana National Park and Archipelago Los Roques are just a few of the beautiful places in Venezuela that you’ll always remember, so pack your bags, and plan a trip to Venezuela today!

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