Car Rental Specials in Venezuela 

Finding an affordable and reputable car rental location in Venezuela can be a good idea when touring Caracas, or traveling through the country. Renting a car while on vacation can also be a time and money-saving idea for travelers planning to visit places that are not usually visited by tourists.
Renting a car in Caracas, or one of the other cities in Venezuela can simplify getting from one spot to the next, and can help you reach places where public transportation like buses and taxis don’t go.

Car Rental Rules and the Venezuelan Traffic

Tourists who want to rent a car while on vacation in Venezuela should carry their identification cards (e.g., passport) in addition to any other personal documents when they head to the car rental location.
Traffic in Venezuela can be very heavy, and drivers can drive aggresively, so you’ll want to consider how confident you are as a driver and possibly consider opting for public transporation like buses and taxis instead of rending a car.

How much do you have to pay for when renting a car?

Car rentals in Venezuela can get a bit pricey, because car insurance has been expensive, however if you plan on driving lots of kilometers, the savings in gas prices can balance it out for you economically. Last time we checked, the price for 95 octane unleaded fuel is only 0.097 BsF/liter and that is about $0.045/liter or $0.18 per gallon. Gas prices do fluctuate in venezuela though, so you’ll want to make sure that you do some research to budget enough for gas and insurance when you rent a car in Venezuela.

Just like airline flights to Venezuela, it is also recommended to reserve / book your car rental before you get to Caracas, or one of the other cities. Travelers can contact any car rental company that is available in the country like Avis, Budget, Dollar, Hertz, or Thrifty. Or you can ask your travel agent to help you rent a car.
At last check, most car rental companies in Venezuela charged about $40-$60 per day for small vehicles, depending on the car rental company and the year, make, and model of the car you’d like to rent.

Car Rental Tourist Destinations and Directions in Venezuela

El Avila National Park, Caracas, Venezuela – After you rent a car, take the Cota Mil or Boyaca Avenue direction if visiting the El Avila National Park on a weekday. It is west between La Castellana and La Florida. Then continue on taking the emergency channel in opposite ways for five minutes.

Caracas Maiquetia Airport – Traveling from the heart of Caracas, you can turn right on Highway 1 north. If traveling from Retare, then it is advisable to take Highway 9 northwest, and upon arriving in Caracas, turn on Highway 1 north.

Ciudad Bolivar – It is about 364 miles or 586 kilometers from Caracas, Venezuela. The estimated travel time by car to Ciudad Bolivar from Caracas is about 7 hours and 13 minutes.

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