Cheerful Cumana – Venezuela City with a Charm

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” ~Lao Tzu

One of the biggest pleasures known to mankind is traveling. Nothing can be compared to what travelers feel when they find themselves in the middle of a country that they have never seen before. The experience is truly overwhelming. Routine leads to boredom and it is often this boredom we try to escape when we contemplate a visit to some land far away.

For a second imagine yourself on a beach surrounded by serenity with the wind caressing your skin softly and the sun tanning it into a beautiful brown. If this is the image you have conjured in your mind for your holiday this summer, you can narrow down your search to just one name, Venezuela.

Helping a traveler appreciate the whimsical strokes of beauty dotting the area, it is in Venezuela that a traveler finds the realization of his dreams. The country features a kaleidoscope of cities that attract an endless stream of travelers throughout the year but when it comes to the aesthetic appeal of Cumana, nothing even comes close.

Cumana is beauty personified beyond a shadow of doubt. The city exudes a charm that justifies all the raving reviews it has received from travelers all these years. To top it all, it is the convenience established here that promises holiday-makers something they can talk about for years to come. The following is an endeavor at enlightening all those coming to the area so as to facilitate them in exploring the area with minimal hassle.

How to Get There

Getting to the gorgeous Cumana is easy as a variety of options are available. By air, one can take a flight to Porlamar or Caracas, the nearest cities with an airport. While taking flight is a feasible option, if you are a budget traveler looking for cheaper alternatives, there is a regular bus service. In addition, adventure seekers may also go for ferries or motor boats.

When to Go

Cumana has a pleasant weather throughout the year. That is why there is no best time to visit the city. However, if dry season is a preference, the best time for a visit is from December to May. If you wish to enjoy the beaches or the mountain areas, the specified time slot is the safest bet.

What to Do and See

The plethora of attractions featured in the area beckon tourists into coming to this area again and again. While every single attraction is a marvel in itself, some of the most notable attractions are listed below.

Where to Eat

The city prides itself on its state-of-the-art eateries promising travelers finger-licking good taste. Some restaurants serving the most delectable meals deemed imaginable are listed below.

Where to Sleep

If an accommodation with amenties befitting royalties is what you are looking for, Cumana promises to excel all your expectations. Some of the most recommended hotels and Posadas in the area are:

Given all that the city has to offer, a trip to Cumana is nothing but rewarding.

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