Attractions in Margarita Island – Devour the Fun in This Tropical Paradise

I am one of those who never know the direction of my journey until I have almost arrived. ~Anna Louise Strong

They say ‘hearing something a hundred times is not as good as seeing it once’. This holds true for Venezuela. Calm and charming, Venezuela is a Caribbean pearl with a beauty so mesmerizing that it leaves one spell-bound. Home to the tallest waterfall in the world, The Angel Falls, Venezuela inspires a different kind of beauty making it a tourist’s paradise.

Every city in Venezuela has something unique about it but when it comes to Margarita Island, its appeal is second to none. With its countless tree lined beaches and marvels speckling the entire area, Margarita Island emerges as the personification of beauty and elegance that never fails to strike a chord with anyone.

The island, promoting a laid-back lifestyle, prides itself on its unspoiled timeless beauty. Given all that it has to offer, Margarita Island is one of those places where reality gets better than your dreams. When it comes to exploring the area, Margarita Island is a galore of sights to see and places to pick for a holiday of a lifetime.

If you are contemplating a visit to the area, some places that will leave you simply amazed are given below.

Beach Parguito

Azure blue waters against the backdrop of a clear sky make Beach Parguito a scene straight out of some Hollywood movie. While Margarita Island has virtually endless beaches for every taste, nothing can surpass the appeal of Beach Parguito. Being an extremely popular beach among travelers and locals alike, this beach may always be crowded but its one-of-a-kind beauty is something that will beckon you into visiting it again and again.

Castillo De San Carlos Borromeo

Castillo De San Carlos Borromeo is a very famous monument on the island. With its national historic significance, it is the largest fort on the island. Built in 1622, the fort is nestled beautifully on the Pompatar Bay and offers outstanding views of the island. The fort was rebuilt after it was destroyed in 1662 by pirates. Today, it is one of the most visited sites on Margarita Island. There is also a museum in the castle.

Playa El Agua

A trip to Margarita Island is incomplete without Playa El Agua, the sun-kissed beach on the north of the island. Being one of the largest beaches, Playa El Agua marks four kilometers or two and a half miles as its territory. The beach has a plethora of hotels, shops and restaurants lining its sides and this has earned the beach a reputation any other attraction cannot even dream of.

La Restinga National Park

Sitting proudly on the east side of the Margarita Island, this national park is a gateway to the exotic state of Nueva Esparto. The national park boasts of stunning lagoons and magnificent mangrove forests. The park’s highlight is the great assortment of flora and fauna found here. From cottontail rabbits to white-tailed deer, from parakeets to pygmy owls, La Restinga is a dream come true for wildlife lovers.

Make the most of your tour by visiting these sites and experience Margarita Island the Venezuelan way.

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