Ciudad Guayana Hotels – Safest Bet for a Luxurious Venezuelan Stay

To awaken quite alone in a strange town is one of the pleasantest sensations in the world.
~Freya Stark

Traveling is a delight and the notion of discovering the unknown is an unsurpassed joy in itself. When Venezuela comes to mind, the images we conjure up are often that of a simple rural area with everything as ordinary as one can think of. The reality is just the opposite. Venezuela is a land of heavenly beauty manifesting its prominence on its exotic splendor.

While the entire country is the perfect embodiment of elegance and charm that is evident in the handful of cities it claims as its territory, it is the stunning Ciudad Guayana that simply steals the cake. Ciudad Guayana is tucked beautifully between the magnificent rivers, Orinoco and Caroni. The city is home to a population of 1 million and with its flourishing iron industry, it is the fastest growing city in the country.

Apart from its industrial importance, it is the several scenic sights and picture-perfect attractions that have earned it a prominence on every traveler’s list of itinerary. Its year-round pleasant weather and striking views make it a scene straight out of some Hollywood movie.

Ciudad Guayana accommodates scores of tourists each year. Unlike many other cities, accommodations here are not only inexpensive; they promise all the comforts one can only expect at home. The area is dotted with some of the best hotels in the country but a handful of those that have never disappointed guests are briefly accounted below.

Hotel Eurobuilding Guayana

With its 40 lavishly decorated rooms, Hotel Eurobuilding Guayana is an ideal pick for a stay in the area. The hotels allows guests to enjoy a wide range of amenities including free parking, restaurant, fitness center and a brightly lit pool at its glamorous best. With its impeccable service, it can easily be recognized as the best hotel in town.

Posada Churum Meru

If you are seeking a cheaper alternative for your lodgings, Posada Churum Meru is a choice that can never go wrong. The posada was inaugurated in June, 2011 and is located in the most prominent neighborhoods of Ciudad Guayana. The posada has merely 17 rooms but with all the comfort and luxury they offer their guests, it is an accommodation effectively addressing all your needs. Facilities featured by the hotel include air conditioning, attached baths, LCD TV, ironing board, fast speed internet access and a lot more.

Best Western Mara Inn

With its 80 opulent suites, this hotel features three most celebrated restaurants in Ciudad Guayana. If you are a food enthusiast, the Mara Sushi, LA Scala and Formula 1 promise you the culinary experience of your life. The hotel is strategically located and boasts of a plethora of facilities such as shuttle bus service, wheelchair access, free parking, free breakfast and a lot more. With all that it has to offer, guests are encouraged into staying here longer than expected.

To truly experience a home away from home, hotels in Ciudad Bolivar are the realization of all your dreams.

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