Taxis: A Travel Guide to Venezuela  

Taxi cabs in Venezuela are one of the common public transportation methods used by travelers in Caracas and many other major cities in Venezuela. This guide will help you understand more about how taxi cabs work in Venezuela, and tips you can apply to help save you time and money when taking a taxi in Caracas.

The Different Types if Taxicabs in Venezuela

Taxi cabs in Venezuela are different and very distinct from the other taxis found in other parts of the world, because taxi cabs in Venezuela usually don’t have a built in meter like you see in the USA, Europe and many other countries. In Venezuela, your taxi fare is negotiable with the taxi driver, and it’s recommended you clearly agree on a price before you start your trip. 

Taxi cabs in Venezuela are classified into three types:

  1. The White Taxi which is the most commonly used taxis. These cabs are compact and sub-compact cars and can be seen driving passengers all over the big cities in Venezuela. Nowadays, the white taxis often use modern cars such as the Fiat Tempra, Hyundai Accent, Daewoo Cielo, Chevrolet Corza, Chevroelet Aveo, Renault Logan, Renault Symbol, Daewoo Lanus and Fiat Sierina to name just a few.
  2. Black taxis typically cater to travelers staying at luxury hotels. These taxi cabs also serve airports all over Valenzuela. Black taxis are sometimes referred to as first class taxis and are usually SUV’s.
  3. Multicolored Taxis are large size cars that carry the commuters to multiple locations. These types of taxis can take longer to get to your destination because multiple stops can be made before they reach your destination, but these taxis also offer lower fares, which can make them a good option for vacationers traveling on a budget.

How Much Will a Taxi Ride Cost?

Taking a taxi in Venezuela is more expensive than most other forms of public transportation, like a bus. But, if you compare it to North America and in other European counties, the fare for Venezuelan taxi cabs are much cheaper and affordable due to the fact that Venezuela offers its consumers very cheap prices for gasoline. A traveler who wants to take a ride across different cities will spend approximately 8000-15,000 Bs. But keep in mind that taxis in Venezuela do not have meters, so there is a possibility that drivers will charge more. A good idea is to check with your hotel’s front desk and let them know where you would like to travel and how much you should expect to pay, so you can negotiate the best deal possible with a reputable tax cab driver.

Taxi Cab Tips for Travelers in Venezuela

When traveling by Taxi throughout Venezuela (as with most vacation spots), it’s always a good idea to be very careful and keep watch for any pick pocketers, especially when traveling alone. Carry only what you need and keep your bags and personal belongings close to you at all time to keep your valuables safe throughout your trip.

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