Top 3 Restaurants in Maracaibo

Maracaibo is a special city in Venezuela because of the unique culture it has. It is present in the northwest state of Venezuela, Zulia. It is home to more than 1.4 million people making it the second largest city in Venezuela. The culture of Maracaibo can be best described as indigenous which the locals, the Maracuchos, are very proud of.

If you happen to visit this unique city, you must visit the restaurants there that are renowned for their originality and good customer service. We have picked the three best restaurants in the city for those who plan to visit Maracaibo for a short period of time and may not have sufficient time to visit more.


The prime focus of Katamaran is seafood. If you are looking for Venezuelan food, this may not be the place for you because the recipes seem more inspired by Colombian flavors. Some of the dishes are unique are nowhere else to be found. One such dish is ‘La cazuela de mariscos en leche de coco’. As the name suggests, it is a combination of coconut milk, seafood and rice. Also, ‘coquillas en platano’ is a must try for lovers of exotic dishes. It consists of fish-filled plantain that is deep fried. Also, there is a spread they serve with certain dishes that is made out of fish instead of butter. Not only is it a healthy substitute for butter but is also amazingly tasty.

The customer service at Katamaran is exceptionally well. Once, one of the visitors was feeling cold because of the air conditioning. Since the AC couldn’t be turned off, she was given a shawl to keep herself warm. How sweet!

Poster Bar Café

It is no coincidence that the second best restaurant i.e. Poster Bar Café also focuses on seafood because Maracaibo is neighbored by Lake Maracaibo from which seafood is derived in large quantities. Poster Bar Café is totally themed in a Caribbean style. The ambiance makes you feel like you are present in at the Caribbean Coast are eating food fresh from the sea. Do try dishes that have coconut in them as an ingredient. Creole seafood is also a range from you must select at least one dish. Sea bass steak is another must-try. Also foil-steamed coccoinados with vegetables inside are a delight to both eyes and taste buds.

The fine dining experience is suitable for both business and family gatherings. With great food, friendly service and a perfectly synchronized Caribbean theme, the price for the entire experience is worth it. The cost per person comes to 80 Euros on an average.

Sabor Zuliano

Sabor Zuliano is justifies its name – the restaurant truly delivers what food lovers can call the absolute Zulian experience. The ambiance, the food and service – all of it boasts of Zulian cultural values. The cuisine is more Maracaibon-based because the city is the hub of Zulian culture. The serving sizes are so big that they can easily serve two people. Some of the dishes worth trying are ‘mojito encoco’ (minced boiled fish in coconut milk), mutton in coconut and platanito salad.

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