4 more Restaurants in Maracaibo

As mentioned in the previous article, Maracaibo is a unique city in Venezuela. It is the second largest city in the country and has a set of indigenous cultural features including food. It has been nicknamed La Tierra del Sol Amada meaning the Beloved Land of the Sun. Those visiting Maracaibo for a short period of time were suggested three restaurants to visit in the earlier article – Katamaran, Poster Bar Café and Sabor Zuliano. If you, however are planning to go for as long as a week or more, you should be have gone to at least 6 restaurants by then. Hence, we recommend you three more restaurants that you must visit in Maracaibo.

Restaurant El Girasol

El Girasol is the Spanish for the Sunflower. If you are interested in seeing a spectral view of the beautiful city of Maracaibo, this restaurant is the place to visit. The section of the tables for customers and guests is a floor that moves very slowly, so that within an hour and you may have come full circle! It has windows all around so the view is full. The center of the restaurant, is the kitchen and its chef, cooks, helpers, so you can see live how they cook. Above this kitchen there is a beautiful metal that can be seen at night much better lighting, looks like a glass of ice or the like, beautiful.

El Girasol serves great seafood. The way cuisine is presented is especially noteworthy. Even traditional dishes are presented ways that can be quite a surprise. El Girasol’s salmon and sea bass are particularly famous among locals. With background music, a cheerful customer service crew, panoramic view of the city and great food, El Gariso is one of the top restaurants of Maracaibo.

Mi Vaquita

Just like we pointed out the best steak houses in Caracas – Maute Grill and Lee Hamilton’s Steak House – we’d do the same for Maracaibo. The best steak house so far in this sun-kissed city is Mi Vaquita. The décor’s theme revolves around animals that the restaurant serves in edible form. Although the starters and salads aren’t as good as the main course dishes, the overall experience of a food lover is completed just by having the absolutely appetizing steaks. The service too is great and with the location of the restaurant at a convenient spot in the city, you should have no reason to skip this amazing eatery.

Restaurant Los Soles

Restaurant Los Soles is located near Dr. Portillo Street. It specializes in Mexican food. Although the Mexican can’t be accurately described as authentic, it is as good Mexican cuisine as one can get in a city such as Maracaiba, where the locals are too proud of their own culture. Along with good food, the service of Los Soles is great too. The beverages too are worth trying. Furthermore, there is ample space for parking so there should be no difficulty for you in finding a place to park your vehicle.

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