Best Barbecue Grills, Spanish and French Restaurants in Caracas, Venezuela

Over the years Venezuela has emerged as an amazing travel destination. It has highlighted its rich history and historical buildings that are from the colonial era to become a tourist attraction. It also has some great museums that allure those who are fond of arts and sculptures. On top of that, the mouth-watering Venezuelan food is just another reason why thousands of people visit this country each year.

If you too are planning a sight seeing tour there, you might find the following list of restaurants helpful. We have selected them so that you do no have to stray around street to street in search of good food.

Just remember these names and pay a visit to them to make your tour more enjoyable. Now let us take a closer look at top 3 restaurants to eat in while in Venezuela.

1.  Maute Grill

Las Mercedes, Caracas

Maute Grill has redefined the eating out experience. Not only is its ambiance is excellent, its food is also very tempting. In just $25-$100, the restaurant offers the best steaks and salads in Caracas. Its friendly staff, their hospitality, valet parking and comfortable outdoor and indoor sitting arrangements are some other reasons to visit this place.

Do not forget to order Punta Trasera (pork sausages), arepas with nata and crepes with dulce de leche along with your favorite ice cream flavor as a desert when you visit Maute Grill. These dishes are their specialty.

The restaurant timings are from 11:30 am to midnight on Monday to Sunday.

2. Chocolate

Av Tamanaco, cerca de Av Principal de las Mercedes, El Rosal, Caracas

Chocolate is not a dream desert shop, instead it is a popular Spanish restaurant in Caracas, Venezuela’s federal capital. The Spanish food there is great, the service is outstanding and the atmosphere is also very good.

The restaurant is worth visiting while in the city and offers good value for your money. It opens in the noon and delights its customers throughout the day.

3.  Estancia (La)

Avenida Principal, Esquina Con Calle Urdaneta, Caracas

This is another famous steak and barbecue house in the town. With its great ambiance, best service and scrumptious food it allures a large number of customers.

Not only is this place visited by tourists, it is also a favorite spot of many celebrities and business executives.

The dishes made of beef are their specialty and customer’s preferences are also asked before preparation to ensure it meets their taste. The meat is grilled in pure Argentinean or Venezuelan style and makes a good combination with criollas, arepitas, fried or boiled yuca and salad.

Those who do not like meet can have crepes, chupe, asparagus with Hollandiase sauce or other appealing seafood.

4.  Lasserre

Tercera Avenida con Cuarta Transversal, Turmer

This place is a must visit if you like French food. Lasserre garners a lot of tourists’ attraction because of its delectable French menu. Many dishes in this menu are traditional and follow the original recipes. It opens from Noon to 4 pm and from 7 pm to midnight on Monday to Friday.

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