Leisure Activities in Porlamar – Get a Break from Mainstream Sight Seeing

He who returns from a journey is not the same as he who left.” ~ Chinese Proverb

Porlamar is one of the most prominent cities in Venezuela. Since it is the center of commerce in the exotic Margarita Island, it does not come as a surprise that this city receives such a high amount of tourist traffic. Porlamar is one of those Venezuelan cities that have preserved their culture in every nook and corner. There are museums everywhere each one exhibiting artifacts that are a testimony to the city’s rich culture.

Porlamar is the biggest city in Margarita Island. Margarita Island is free port and this has made Porlamar a true shopper’s paradise as tourists are not required to pay any taxes. With an eccentric nightlife, Porlamar is one city in the entire Venezuela that never sleeps. Restaurants featured in the city deserve accolade for the way they accommodate the diversity of tastes and excel expectations every single time.

The city ensures that tourists enjoy the best of everything and this is the reason that those coming to Porlamar indulge in more than just the mainstream sight seeing. With ample white sand beaches and mountain ranges, the city is everything to be excited about. However, these are attractions that can be enjoyed anywhere. Breaking the norm, the city has its share of those leisure activities that can truly make a trip an unforgettable experience.

Rancho Macano

Very few people know that Porlamar has a site where one can spend an exciting day doing horseback riding. For outdoor enthusiasts who seek a little extra on their vacations, Rancho Macano is a dream come true. The ranch is nestled beautifully on the Macano peninsula and what further sweetens the deal is that one gets to enjoy the spectacular views of the lush green landscape while riding.

Regardless of whether you are an amateur or an experienced rider, the ranch has horses for all the different skill levels. All of the horses are gentle and well-trained. Here you do not only get a chance to take a tour of the ranch, as you will ride along cactus forests and beaches, you will enjoy nature at its best.

Margarita Mirage

If you have a penchant for gambling, Margarita Mirage is where you need to head to. Dotted with many tables, here one experiences the exhilaration of winning and the fear of losing. The hip and upbeat atmosphere in the casino can take the joy of your vacations to new heights. It is because of this casino that gambling is now such a popular activity in Porlamar.


If you wish to beat the heat, Waterland is the ideal place to do so. Waterland is a water park where fun never ends. With its many slides and rides, this park perfectly couples adventure and excitement. For those who wish to savor the fun in the sun, Waterland is nothing short of a blessing. Since it is located away from the city, it gives visitors a chance to discover a different type of entertainment as they splash the cool water caressing their skin. You can also come across mammals inhibiting the park’s natural surroundings. In addition, with all the amenities, it is one of the most feasible spots for a fun-filled family fiesta.

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